Culburnie Records is proud to announce

Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis' classic performance of Auld Lang Syne to be featured in blockbuster movie!!

Due to be released in theatres in the US May 30 and in UK May 28!!



Auld Lang Syne

Mairi Campbell
Dave Francis

The Winnowing

Mairi Campbell
(voice, viola, fiddle)
Dave Francis (guitar, voice)



This performance of Robert Burns' beautiful song, set to the original melody as chosen by Burns himself, was initially released on the Culburnie Records CD The Winnowing which has continued to receive generous critical acclaim since it's release in 1996.

"Mairi's powerful and moving voice, combined with Dave's eclectic and sympathetic
guitar-playing, is a combination that lends new twists to familiar songs
and results in refreshing original material."

"The Cast (Campbell and Francis) have proven that subtlety and restraint are weapons that, when used correctly, are a lethal combination. A regal grace pervades their work and an eye for creating moods and melodic textures remains their ace card."
- Rock n Reel

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