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Mischief Managed CD


1 FENMORE This piece commemorates the years I spent studying music at Berklee, and is dedicated to all my Boston pals, for making that city feel like home.
2 SNAP! Like many of my compositions, this was inspired by the weather. This track is dedicated to the awesomeness of summer lightning storms.
3 THE TURNING POINT It’s hard to describe the feeling when you realize you’ve taken a step and entered the next phase of your life. When your internal compass shifts. This piece is for remembering how you ended up where you are, and celebrating the possibilities the future holds.
4 DISPOSABLE I wrote this song after reading stories about horrible treatment and suffering of homeless children in Bogota, Colombia. Recorded and produced by Matt Peiffer.
5 FIDDLE LINT BALL Inside every fiddle is a ball of lint. Inside every ball of lint there are a million stories. This is one of them.
6 JOY OF JULIE/JIG FOR JENNA The first of these tunes is for my American grandma, who taught me to play rummy and never went easy. The second is for my best friend, Jenna, who has taught me that you never have to do anything alone.
7 OLD DOG This one goes out to all the dog lovers out there who wish they could spend one more day with their old pal.
8 MARCH MADNESS After a long Boston winter, the first sunny day is epic. The whole city gets up and stretches its legs, takes a collective breath, and exhales with a single thought: We made it!
9 THE FLYING SQUIRREL For anyone who has ever wanted to fly, or anyone who has ever wanted to be more than they are. I wrote this for a boy who wished every day that he was a wizard.
10 EVENING AIR I will always be a Californian. Here’s to the howling coyotes and clear skies.
11 THE CROW'S NEST For all my favorite fantasy writers. You inspire me to think big and see life as the adventure that it is.
12 BIRCHVILLE Originally composed for my dear friend Erin, I dedicate this tune to the Levy family and their baby!
13 COLD RUN Every fiddle album needs a fully produced and thumping pop song, right? With my dear friend and esteemed producer/engineer, Matt Peiffer,this song was brought to life in my last semester of college, and is truly one of my favorite collaborations to date.

All tracks composed by Galen Fraser, BMI. Recorded at Brooksquad Studios, Brook Street, Brookline, Massachusetts Mixed and Mastered by Galen Fraser (Tracks 1-3, 5-11) and Matt Peiffer (Tracks 4, 13) Photography by Louise Bichan Photography Cover design by Galen Fraser Layout by Sally Ashcraft Octave violin made by Rickert & Rinsholz

Alasdair Fraser fiddle, Jenna Moynihan 5-string fiddle, Natalie Haas cello, Eric Law cello, Conor Hearn guitar, Eamon Sefton guitar, Colin Cotter guitar, Neil Pearlman accordion, Ryan Scalia cajon, drums, Nacim Ortiz vocals, Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz vocals, piano

I want to thank many people for making this album possible. MOM, DAD, you brought me into this world & gave me a life filled with so much joy, music & adventure. This album would not be possible without your inspiration, support & patience. CAMMY, for the childhood we spent together, never letting our imaginations take a day off. The BROOKSQUAD, for encouraging me and helping me grow in more ways than I can count. Special thanks to LARRY ESPINOSA, SUSIE RODGERS, JENNY HOUBLER BOYD and KRISTAN NORVIG, and the rest of my Kickstarter supporters, who came out in force and provided me with both the reassurance and the means to manifest my dream. And, of course, to all the incredible musicians who helped bring my music to life. I am humbled by the energy and focus you gave to this project.


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